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Salavator DALI
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1963_03_Hercules Lifts the Skin of the Sea and Stops Venus for an Instant from Waking Love, 1963
1963_05_Arabs - the Death of Raymond Lulle, 1963
1963_06_Desoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, circa 1963
1963_08_Study for Deoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, circa 1963
1963_09_Study for Deoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, 1963
1963_10_Arabs - the Death of Raimundus Lullus, 1963
1963_11_Mohammed's Dream, 1963
1963_13_Madonna with a Mystical Rose, 1963
1963_14_Untitled (Still Life with Lilies), 1963
1964_07_Untitled. Female Nude on a Palette, 1964
1964_08_Landscape with Flies, 1964
1964_09_Untitled (St. John), 1964
1965_01_The Railway Station at Perpignan, 1965
1965_04_Laocoon Tormented by Flies, 1965
1965_06_Homage to Meirronier, 1965
1965_09_Salvador DalH in the Act of Painting Gala in the Apotheosis of the Dollar, 1965
1965_10_'Character Masquerading in Pinning Up a Butterfly', 1965
1965_12_The Sun of DalH, 1965
1965_16_Portrait of Gala (Gala Against the Light), 1965
1965_24_Portrait of Mrs. Ruth Daponte, 1965
1965_27_Night in the Hotel (Abstract in Black and White), 1965
1965_28_Untitled (Apocalyptic Christ; Christ with Flames), 1965
1965_29_Untitled (St. John from Behind), 1965
1965_30_Crucifixion (Dedication; For Gala Queen of the Divine DalH), 1965
1966_01_Moses and the Pharaoh, 1966
1966_03_The Progress of 'Tuna Fishing', circa 1966-67
1966_04_Tuna Fishing (advanced State), circa 1966-67
1966_05_Tuna Fishing (advanced State), circa 1966-67
1966_06_Tuna Fishing (advanced State), circa 1966-67
1967_01_Tuna Fishing, 1967
1968_01_The Hallucinogenic Toreador, 1968-70
1968_02_The Patio of Port Lligat, 1968
1968_05_Mad Mad Mad Minerva - Illustration for 'Memories of Surrealism', circa 1968
1968_06_Fisherman of Port Lligat Mending His Net, 1968
1968_07_Tauromachia I - The Torero, the Kill (third and final round of the bullfight), 1968
1969_01_Toreo Noir, 1969
1969_02_Hour of the Monarchy, 1969
1969_03_The Swimming Pool in Port Lligat, 1969-70
1969_04_The Pool of Tears. Illustration for 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll in an Edition Published by Maecenas Press, New York, 1969
1969_05_Untitled (Surrealist Angel), circa 1969
1969_06_Untitled (Still Life with White Cloth), 1969
1969_07_Study of a Male Nude - Saint Sebastian, 1969
1970_02_Portrait of John Theodoracopoulos, 1970
1970_05_Nude Figures at Cape Creus, 1970
1970_07_Study for the Decoration of the Ceiling in Pubol, circa 1970
1970_11_Roger Freeing Angelica (St. George and the Damsel), 1970
1970_12_Untitled (Michelangelo Head with Drawers), circa 1970
1970_14_Winged Victory, 1970
1970_18_Les Clemolselles D'Avignon (The Girls of Avignon), 1970
1970_20_The Dalinian Senyera (Catalonian National Flag), 1970
1970_21_The Horseman of the Apocalypse, 1970
1971_01_Ceiling of the Hall of Gala's Chateau at Pubol, 1971
1971_02_The Second Coming of Christ, 1971
1971_05_View of Pubol, 1971
1971_07_Caligula's Horse (DalH's Horses), circa 1971
1971_08_The Christian Knight (DalH's Horses), 1971
1971_11_Figure with Flag. Illustration for 'Memories of Surrealism', circa 1971
1971_13_Design for the Pool at Port Lligat, 1971
1971_14_The Second Coming of Christ, 1971
1971_15_Le Char d'Or, 1971
1972_02_Polyhedron. Basketball Players Being Transformed into Angels (Assembling a Hologram - the Central Element), 1972
1972_03_Overture in Trompe l'Oeil, circa 1972
1972_04_Palace of the Winds, circa 1972-73
1972_06_Trajan on Horseback, 1972
1972_07_Self-Portrait (Photomontage with the famous 'Mao-Marilyn' that Philippe Halsman created at DalH's wish), 1972
1972_08_Marilyn Monroe, 1972
1972_09_Radiators, Radiator-Covers, circa 1972
1972_10_The Face, 1972
1972_11_Space Eve, 1972
1972_12_Quantification of Leonardo de Vinci's 'Last Supper', circa 1972
1972_13_'DalH' Palette. Frontispiece for the outline of 'The Key DalH Paintings', 1972
1972_14_Gala's Dream (Dream of Paradise), circa 1972
1972_17_The Sleeping Smoker, circa 1972-73
1972_18_The Sleeping Smoker, circa 1972-73
1972_19_Untitled (Stereoscopic Painting), 1972
1972_20_Palace of the Winds (ceiling painting in the Teatro Museo DalH; detail), 1972-73
1972_21_The Daughter of the West Wind, 1972
1973_02_Gala_s Castle at Pubol, 1973
1973_06_Hitler Masturbating, 1973
1973_08_Ceiling of the 'Palace of the Wind', circa 1973
1973_12_Portrait of Dr. Brian Mercer, 1973
1973_13_Las Galas of Port Lligat, 1973
1973_14_The Prince of Sleep (El principe de ensueno), 1973-79
1974_01_Equestrian Portrait of Carmen Bordiu-Franco, 1974
1974_02_Battle in the Clouds, 1974
1974_03_Armchair with Landscape Painted for Gala's Chateau at Pubol, circa 1974
1974_04_To Meli, 1974
1974_05_Wounded Soft Watch, 1974
1974_09_Ruggiero Freeing Angelica, 1974
1974_10_The Palace of the Wind, 1974
1974_11_The Palace of the Wind, 1974
1974_13_Transformation of _Antiques_ Magazine Cover into the Apparition of a Face, 1974
1974_15_Gala's Foot (left panel), 1974
1974_16_Gala's Foot (right panel), 1974
1974_22_Cranach Metamorphosis (Woman in a Mirror), 1974
1975_01_The Chair (stereoscopic work, right component), 1975
1975_06_The Chair (stereoscopic work, left component), 1975
1975_08_Lullus - Homage to Raimundus Lullus (design for a ceiling painting), 1975
1976_01_Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln - Homage to Rothko (second version), 1976
1976_02_Soft Monster (Monstruo blando adormercido), 1976
1976_03_Portrait of Gala, 1976-77
1976_12_The Unicorn (unfinished), 1976
1976_14_The Wash Basin (stereoscopic work, left component), 1976
1976_15_The Wash Basin (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976
1976_16_The Chair (stereoscopic work, left component), 1976
1976_17_The Chair (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976
1976_20_Las Meninas (The Maids-in-Waiting) (stereoscopic work, left component), 1976-77
1976_21_Las Meninas (The Maids-in-Waiting) (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976-77
1977 2
1977 Completely Nude
1977_02_The Happy Unicorn, 1977
1977_03_DalH Lifting the Skin of the Mediterranean Sea to Show Gala the Birth of Venus (stereoscopic work, right component), 1977
1977_04_Portrait of Gala, circa 1977
1977_05_The Wash Basin (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976
1977_09_Head (stair-way in the museum), 1977
1977_10_Soft Skulls with Fried Egg Without the Plate, Angels and Soft Watch in an Angelic Landscape, 1977
1977_11_Nike, Victory Goddess of Samothrace, Appears in a Tree Bathed in Light, circa 1977
1977_12_Aurora's Head, After Michelangelo (detail of a Figure on the Grave of Lorenzo Di Medici), 1977
1977_13_Surrealist Angel, circa 1977
1977_15_Fertility, 1977
1977_20_Las Meninas (The Maids-in-Waiting) - first metaphysical hyper-realist painting (unfinished), 1977
1977_21_Randomdot Correlogram - The Golden Fleece (stereoscopic work, left component; unfinished), circa 1977
1977_22_Randomdot Correlogram - The Golden Fleece (stereoscopic work, right component; unfinished), circa 1977
1978_01_Cybernetic Odalisque, 1978
1978_02_Gala's Christ (stereoscopic work, right component), 1978
1978_03_The Harmony of the Spheres, 1978
1978_04_Allegory of Spring, 1978
1978_05_Ampurdanese Landscape, 1978
1978_07_Woman with Egg and Arrows, circa 1978
1978_08_Gala's Christ (stereoscopic work, left component), 1978
1978_09_The Eye of the Angelus (stereoscopic work, left component; unfinished), 1978
1978_10_The Eye of the Angelus (stereoscopic work, right component; unfinished), 1978
1978_11_Stereoscopic Composition, Based on Millet's 'Angelus' (unfinished), circa 1978
1978_12_Stereoscopic Composition, Based on Millet's 'Angelus' (unfinished), circa 1978
1978_13_Pierrot Lunaire (stereoscopic work, unfinished), 1978
1978_14_Landscape Near Ampurdan, 1978
1978_16_Dark Tapeworms, circa 1978
1979_01_Searching for the Fourth Dimension, 1979
1979_02_A Soft Watch Put in the Appropriate Place to Cause a Young Ephebe to Die and Be Resuscitated by Excess of Satisfaction (unfinished), 1979
1979_03_Dawn, Noon, Sunset, and Twilight, 1979
1979_05_More Beautiful than Canova, 1979
1979_06_Battle in the Clouds (stereoscopic work, left component), 1979
1979_07_Battle in the Clouds (stereoscopic work, right component), 1979
1979_08_Athens Is Burning! The School of Athens and the Fire in the Borgo (stereoscopic work, left component), 1979-80
1979_09_Pentagonal Sardana (stereoscopic work, left component), 1979
1979_10_Pentagonal Sardana (stereoscopic work, right component), 1979
1979_11_Long Live the Station at Perpignan, Long Live Figueras, 1979
1979_12_Phosphene, 1979
1979_13_Raphaelesque Hallucination, 1979
1979_14_Nude and Horse with Metamorphosis (unfinished), circa 1979
1979_15_Three Graces of Canova (unfinished), 1979
1979_16_Study for 'Compianto Diabele' by Canova (unfinished), circa 1979
1979_17_Athens Is Burning! The School of Athens and the Fire in the Borgo (stereoscopic work, right component), 1979-80
1979_18_Copy of a Rubens Copy of a Leonardo, 1979
1980_02_Untitled (Landscape with Celestial Beings), 1980
1980_03_The Cheerful Horse, 1980
1980_04_Sleeping Young Narcissus, 1980
1980_05_Untitled (Bridge with Reflections; sketch for a dual image picture, unfinished), 1980
1980_06_Arabs, 1980
1980_07_Group Surrounding a Reclining Nude - Velazquez, 1980-81
1980_08_Arabs, 1980
1981_01_Apparition of the Visage of Aphrodite of Cnide in a Landscape, 1981
1981_02_The Path of Enigmas (second version), 1981
1981_03_The Pearl, 1981
1981_04_The Towers, 1981
1981_05_Hermes, 1981
1981_06_The Tower of Enigmas, circa 1981
1981_07_Tower, 1981
1981_08_Mercury and Argos, 1981
1981_09_The Garden of Hours, 1981
1981_10_Great Tapeworm Masturbator, Appears Behind Arcades, 1981
1981_11_Seated Figure Contemplating a 'Great Tapeworm Masturbator', 1981
1981_12_Tower, 1981
1981_13_Ready-to-wear Fashion for Next Spring; 'Garlands, Nests and Flowers', 1981
1981_14_The Gaseous Swan, 1981
1981_15_Amphitrite, 1981
1981_16_The Path of Enigmas (first version), 1981
1981_17_Argus, circa 1981
1981_18_Medea or Jason Taking Possession of the Golden Fleece, 1981
1981_19_Landscape, 1981
1981_20_Landscape with Rock in the Shape of a Triumphal Arch, 1981
1981_21_Jason Carrying the Golden Fleece (unfinished), circa 1981
1981_22_The Exterminating Angels, 1981
1981_23_Untitled (Female Bust with Draped Cloth), 1981
1981_24_Figures (Scene after Goya), 1981
1981_25_Woman on a Ram, 1981
1981_26_Untitled (Head of a Woman; unfinished), 1981
1981_27_Untitled (Skin of a Beach), 1981
1981_28_Reading. Family Scene by Lamplight, 1981
1981_29_Untitled (Imaginary Landscape at Pubol), 1981
1981_30_Spanish Nobleman with a Cross of Brabant on His Jerkin, 1981
1981_31_Three Female Figures in Festive Gowns, 1981
1981_33_Classic Figure and Head (unfinished), 1981-82
1982_01_Figure Inspired by the Adam of the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, 1982
1982_02_The Infanta Margarita of Velazquez Appearing in the Silhouette of Horsemen in the Courtyard of the Escorial, 1982
1982_03_Pieta, 1982
1982_04_Pieta, 1982
1982_05_The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala, 1982
1982_06_Velazquez Dying Behind the Window on the Left Side Out of Which a Spoon Projects, 1982
1982_07_Warrior, 1982
1982_08_Saint Sebastian, 1982
1982_09_Ole, 1982
1982_13_Othello Dreaming Venice, 1982
1982_14_Untitled (After 'The Day' by Michelangelo), 1982
1982_15_Untitled (After 'The Night' by Michelangelo), 1982
1982_16_Double Victory of Gaudi, 1982
1982_17_Architectural Contortion of El Escorial, 1982
1982_18_El Escorial and Catastrophe-Form Calligraphy, 1982
1982_19_The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala (second version), 1982
1982_20_Velazquez and a Figure, 1982
1982_21_Untitled - Equestrian Figure of Prince Baltasar Carlos, after Velazquez, with Figures in the Courtyard of the Escorial, 1982
1982_22_Don Jose Nieto Velazquez from 'Las Meninas' by Velazquez, Musec, Del Prado, Madrid, 1982
1982_23_Untitled (Composition - Courtyard of the Escorial with Figure and Sebastian De Morra, Veldzquez's Dwarf), 1982
1982_25_Sebastian de Morra with Catastrophic Signs (stereoscopic work, unfinished), 1982
1982_26_Untitled (first study for 'The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala'), 1982
1982_27_Study for 'Ole' (unfinished), 1982
1982_28_Enigma (unfinished version of 'The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala'), 1982
1982_29_After the Head of 'Giuliano di Medici', Florence, 1982
1982_30_Head, after Michelangelo's, 'Giuliano di Medici', 1982
1982_31_Exploded Head, 1982
1982_32_Topological Study for 'Exploded Head', 1982
1982_33_After Michelangelo's 'Squatting Child', 1982
1982_34_'Giuliano di Medici' by Michelangelo, Seen from Behind, 1982
1982_35_After Michelangelo's 'Moses', on the Tomb of Julius II in Rome, 1982
1982_36_Rock Figure after the Head of Christ in the 'Pieta' of Palestrina by Michelangelo, 1982
1982_37_Untitled - Nude Figures after Michelangelo, 1982
1982_38_Figure in the Water - After a Drawing by Michelangelo for the 'Resurrection of Christ', 1982

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