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1921_12_Young Girls in a Garden, 1921
1921_14_Fair of the Holy Cross - The Circus, 1921
1921_15_Man Holding Up a Baby as Though He Were Drinking from a Bottle, 1921
1921_16_The Picnic, 1921
1921_19_Festival of St. Lucia At, Villamalla, 1921
  1921_20_Moonlight at Little LlanN, 1921.jpg  
1921_21_Self-Portrait, 1921
1921_23_Festival in Figueras, 1921
1921_24_Festival at San Sebastian, 1921
1921_25_Festival of St. Lucia At, Villamalla, 1921
1921_26_Nymphs in a Romantic, Garden, 1921

1921 20 Moonlight at Little LlanN, 1921 Download
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