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1925_27_Landscape Near Ampurdan, 1925
1925_28_Still Life, circa 1925
1925_30_Venus with Cupids (detail), 1925
1926_01_The Basket of Bread, 1926
1926_02_Figure on the Rocks (Figura damunt les roques), 1926
  1926_03_Figure on the Rocks (Penya Segats), 1926.jpg  
1926_04_The Girl of Figueras, 1926
1926_05_Girl with Curls, 1926
1926_06_Girl's Back, 1926
1926_07_Portrait of a Girl in a Landscape (CadaquNs), circa 1926
1926_08_Study for 'Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey', 1926

1926 03 Figure on the Rocks (Penya Segats), 1926 Download
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