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1983_18_St. George Overpowering a Cello, 1983
1983_19_Bed, Chair and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983
1983_20_Warrior Mounted on an Elephant Overpowering a Cello, 1983
1983_21_Pieta, 1983
1983_22_The Truck (We'll be arriving later, about five o'clock), 1983
  1983_23_Topological Contortion of a Female Figure, 1983.jpg  
1983_24_Untitled - Head of a Spanish Nobleman, Fashioned by the Catastrophe Model from a Swallow's Tail and Two Halves of a Cello, 1983
1983_25_Untitled - Series on Catastrophes, 1983

1983 23 Topological Contortion of a Female Figure, 1983 Download
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