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Salavator DALI
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1982_39_Figure after Michelangelo's 'Dawn' on the Tomb of Lorenzo di Medici, 1982
1982_40_Scene in the Courtyard of the Escorial with a Figure in the Foreground Inspired by Michelangelo's 'Evening' on the Tomb of Lorenzo di Medici, 1982
1982_41_Landscape with Hidden Image of Michelangelo's 'David', 1982
1982_42_Atmospherocephalic Figures, 1982
1982_43_Mirror Women - Mirror Heads, 1982
1982_44_Martyr - Inspired by the Sufferings of DalH in His Illness, 1982
1983_01_Topological Contortion of a Female Figure Becoming a Violoncello, 1983
1983_02_The Swallowtail, 1983
1983_03_Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello (Final Stage), 1983
1983_04_Cutlet and Match - The Chinese Crab, 1983
1983_05_Topological Abduction of Europe - Homage to Rene Thom, 1983
1983_07_Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983
1983_08_Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983
1983_14_Untitled (Figures, Pieta, Catastrophic Signs), 1983
1983_15_Head Inspired by Michelangelo, 1983
1983_16_Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello (last state), 1983
1983_17_Bed and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983
1983_18_St. George Overpowering a Cello, 1983
1983_19_Bed, Chair and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983
1983_20_Warrior Mounted on an Elephant Overpowering a Cello, 1983
1983_21_Pieta, 1983
1983_22_The Truck (We'll be arriving later, about five o'clock), 1983
1983_23_Topological Contortion of a Female Figure, 1983
1983_24_Untitled - Head of a Spanish Nobleman, Fashioned by the Catastrophe Model from a Swallow's Tail and Two Halves of a Cello, 1983
1983_25_Untitled - Series on Catastrophes, 1983
1910 - Landscape Near Figueras
1913_01_Vilabertrin, 1913
1914_01_Fiesta in Figueres, 1914-16
1914_02_Dutch Interior, 1914
1914_03_Landscape Near Ampurdan, circa 1914
1916_01_Landscape, circa 1916
1916_04_Untitled - Landscape with Animals, circa 1916
1917_01_View of CadaquNs with Shadow of Mount Pani, 1917
1917_02_Crepuscular Old Man, 1917-18
1917_04_CadaquNs, circa 1917
1918_01_Still Life, 1918
1918_02_Portrait of Lucia (Retrato de Lucia), circa 1918
1918_03_Boat, circa 1918
1918_04_Hort del Llane, 1918-19
1918_05_Playa Port Alguer from Riba d_en Pitxot, 1918-19
1918_06_PortdoguN, 1918-19
1918_07_Punta es Baluard de la Riba d_en Pitxot, 1918-19
1918_08_Port of CadaquNs (Night), 1918-19
1918_10_Duck, 1918
1918_12_Sea View, 1918-19
1918_13_Vilabertrin Church Tower, 1918-19
1918_14_Playa Port Alguer De La Riba, D'en Pitxot, 1918-19
1919_01_Portrait of Hortensia, Peasant Woman of CadaquNs, circa 1919
1919_02_Self-Portrait in the Studio, 1919
1919_03_The Tartan 'El Son', circa 1919
1919_05_Landscape (CadaquNs), 1919-20
1919_07_Portrait of Mr. Pancraci, circa 1919
1919_08_Portrait of a Gipsy, 1919
1919_09_Es Pianc, circa 1919
1919_11_The Three Pines, 1919
1919_12_The Port of CadaquNs, circa 1919
1919_13_LlanN Beach, CadaquNs, 1919
1919_14_Port DoguN - CadaquNs, 1919
1919_16_Es Poal - Pianque, 1919-20
1919_17_My Cousin Montserrat, 1919-20
1919_18_Orchard at LlanN (CadaquNs), 1919-20
1919_19_Still Life; Pomegranates, circa 1919
1920_01_View of PortdoguN (Port Aluger), 1920
1920_02_The Lake at Vilabertran, circa 1920
1920_03_Calanque Jonculs (Cadaqus), 1920
1920_04_Landscape, circa 1920
1920_05_Tieta, circa 1920
1920_06_Portrait of the Violoncellist Ricardo Pichot, 1920
1920_07_Portrait of Jose M. Torres, circa 1920
1920_09_View of CadaquNs from Playa Poal, 1920
1920_10_Two Gypsy Lads, 1920-21
1920_11_Saltimbanques, 1920-21
1920_14_The Garden of Llaner, 1920-21
1920_15_Small Rocky Bay of Nans (CadaquNs), 1920-21
1920_16_The Vegetable Garden of Llaner, 1920
1920_24_Grandmother Ana Sewing, circa 1920
1920_25_Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Dofia Felipa Dome Domenech De, DalH, 1920
1920_28_Untitled - the Artist in His Studio in Riba D'en Pitxot in CadaquNs, 1920-21
1920_29_Still Life, circa 1920
1920_30_Still Life by a Window, circa 1920
1920_32_Moonlight Over the Bay At, CadaquNs, circa 1920
1920_33_Landscape Near CadaquNs, 1920-21
1920_34_Landscape Near CadaquNs, 1920-21
1921_01_Back View of CadaquNs, 1921
1921_02_Portrait of My Father, circa 1921
1921_03_Self-portrait with the Neck of Raphael, circa 1921
1921_04_Self-portrait (Figueres), 1921
1921_05_Self-portrait, circa 1921
1921_06_Portrait of Grandmother Ana Sewing, circa 1921
1921_07_Llaner Beach in CadaquNs, circa 1921
1921_08_Self-portrait, 1921
1921_09_Poster_ Fieres i Festes de la Santa Creu, 1921
1921_10_Voyeur, 1921
1921_12_Young Girls in a Garden, 1921
1921_14_Fair of the Holy Cross - The Circus, 1921
1921_15_Man Holding Up a Baby as Though He Were Drinking from a Bottle, 1921
1921_16_The Picnic, 1921
1921_19_Festival of St. Lucia At, Villamalla, 1921
1921_20_Moonlight at Little LlanN, 1921
1921_21_Self-Portrait, 1921
1921_23_Festival in Figueras, 1921
1921_24_Festival at San Sebastian, 1921
1921_25_Festival of St. Lucia At, Villamalla, 1921
1921_26_Nymphs in a Romantic, Garden, 1921
1921_27_A Seated Man and a Dancing Couple, 1921
1921_28_Romeria - Pilgrimage, 1921
1921_29_Man with Porron, 1921
1921_31_Portrait Ofjaume Miravidles, 1921-22
1921_32_Portrait of Jaume Miravidles as a Footballer, 1921-22
1921_33_Motherhood, circa 1921
1922_01_Still Life (Pulpo y scorpa), 1922
1922_02_CadaquNs, 1922
1922_04_The Lane to Port Lligat with the View of Cape Creus, 1922-23
1922_05_PortdoguN and Mount Pani from Ayuntamiento, 1922
1922_06_Cabaret Scene, 1922
1922_07_Jug, 1922-23
1922_15_Fishermen at CadaquNs, 1922
1922_17_Landscape - CadaquNs, 1922
1922_18_Still Life, 1922
1922_19_Still Life with Aubergines, 1922
1922_20_Still Life, 1922
1922_21_Still Life - Fish, 1922
1922_23_Untitled - Scene in a Cabaret in Madrid, 1922
1922_27_Villa Pepita, 1922
1922_30_Untitled - Landscape Near, Madrid, 1922-23
1922_31_Madrid, Architecture and Poplars, 1922
1923_01_Nude in a Landscape, circa 1923
1923_02_Portrait of My First Cousin, 1923
1923_03_The Sick Child (Self-portrait in CadaquNs), circa 1923
1923_04_El Moli - Landscape Near CadaquNs, 1923
1923_05_CadaquNs, 1923
1923_06_Cubist Self-Portrait with 'La Publicitat', 1923
1923_07_Figures in a Landscape at Ampurdan, 1923
1923_08_Self-portrait with L'Humanitie, 1923
1923_09_Domestic Scene, 1923
1923_10_Woman Nursing Her Son (Mujer amamantando a su hijo), 1923
1923_11_CadaquNs (Seen from the Tower of Creus), 1923
1923_12_Bathers of La Costa Brava - Bathers of Llaner, 1923
1923_13_Figueras Gypsy, 1923
1923_14_Crystalline Still Life, 1923
1923_15_Still Life_ Fish with Red Bowl, 1923-24
1923_18_Satirical Composition ('The Dance' by Matisse), 1923
1923_23_The Jorneta Stream, 1923
1923_24_Landscape Near CadaquNs, 1923
1923_25_La Jorneta, 1923
1923_28_Cubist Composition - Portrait of a Seated Person Holding a Letter, 1923
1923_29_Still Life, 1923
1923_30_Still Life, 1923
1923_35_Portrait of My Sister (original State), 1923-24
1923_36_Portrait of My Cousin Ana, Maria Domenech, circa 1923
1923_38_Fried Egg on the Plate without the Plate, 1923
1924_01_Bather, 1924
1924_02_Port Alguer, 1924
1924_03_Portrait of Ana Maria, 1924
1924_04_Portrait of Luis Bunuel, 1924
1924_05_Still Life, 1924
1924_06_Ana Maria, 1924
1924_07_Still Life; Watermelon, 1924
1924_08_Bouquet (L_Important c_est la Rose), 1924
1924_11_Siphon and Small Bottle of Rum, 1924
1924_13_The Station at Figueras, 1924
1924_14_Plant, 1924
1924_15_Still Life, 1924
1924_16_Pierrot and Guitar, 1924
1924_18_Still Life, 1924
1925_01_Female Nude, 1925
1925_02_Figure at a Window, 1925
1925_03_Girl from the Back, 1925
1925_04_Portrait of the Artist's Father, 1925
1925_05_Venus and a Sailor - (Homage to Salvat-Papasseit), 1925
1925_06_Venus with Cupids, 1925
1925_07_Venus and a Sailor (1), 1925
1925_08_Portrait of Ana Maria (CadaquNs), circa 1925
1925_09_Portrait of Maria Carbona, 1925
1925_11_Port Alguer, 1925
1925_12_Bay of CadaquNs, 1925
1925_13_Cala Nans, 1925
1925_14_Double-sided Verso (Studio Scene), circa 1925
1925_15_Seated Monk, 1925
1925_16_Pierrot Playing the Guitar, 1925
1925_17_Still Life with Moonight, 1925
1925_18_Study of Nude, 1925
1925_19_Nude in the Water, 1925
1925_22_Thought, 1925
1925_23_Venus and a Sailor (2), 1925
1925_26_Landscape Near Ampurdan, 1925
1925_27_Landscape Near Ampurdan, 1925
1925_28_Still Life, circa 1925
1925_30_Venus with Cupids (detail), 1925
1926_01_The Basket of Bread, 1926
1926_02_Figure on the Rocks (Figura damunt les roques), 1926
1926_03_Figure on the Rocks (Penya Segats), 1926
1926_04_The Girl of Figueras, 1926
1926_05_Girl with Curls, 1926
1926_06_Girl's Back, 1926
1926_07_Portrait of a Girl in a Landscape (CadaquNs), circa 1926
1926_08_Study for 'Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey', 1926
1926_09_Homage to Erik Satie, 1926
1926_10_Cubist Figure (Figura cubista), 1926
1926_13_Still Life with Two Lemons, circa 1926
1926_15_Rocks at Llane (Landscape near CadaquNs), 1926
1926_18_Self-Portrait Being Duplicated into Three, 1926-27
1926_20_Venus and Sailor (Girl and Sailor; Unfinished), 1926
1926_22_Ana Maria, Sewing, 1926
1926_23_Portrait of Sefiora Abadal De'Argemi, circa 1926
1926_24_Portrait of a Woman, (unfinished), 1926
1926_29_Women Lying on the Beach, 1926
1926_31_Neo-Cubist Academy (Composition with Three Figures), 1926
1926_33_Rocks of LlanN (first version), 1926
1927_01_Apparatus and Hand, 1927
1927_02_Still Life by the Light of the Moon, 1927
1927_03_Harlequin, 1927
1927_04_Barcelonese Mannequin, 1927
1927_05_Ocell... Peix, 1927-28
1927_06_Nude Woman in an Armchair, circa 1927
1927_08_Head of a Woman, 1927
1927_13_Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood, 1927
1927_14_Untitled, 1927
1928_01_Bather, 1928
1928_02_Sun, 1928
1928_03_Symbiotic Woman-Animal, 1928
1928_04_Unsatisfied Desires, 1928
1928_05_The Ram (The Spectral Cow), 1928
1928_06_The Bather (Beigneuse), 1928
1928_07_Little Cinders (Senicitas), circa 1928
1928_08_The Donkey's Carcass, 1928
1928_09_Bird, 1928
1928_10_The Spectral Cow, 1928
1928_11_Rotting Bird, 1928
1928_13_Big Thumb, 1928
1928_14_Abstract Composition, 1928
1928_15_Composition, 1928
1928_16_Female Nude, 1928
1928_17_Sun, 1928
1928_19_Untitled, 1928
1928_20_Untitled, 1928
1928_21_Feminine Nude (first State), 1928
1928_22_Moonlight, circa 1928
1928_23_Untitled (the Sea and the Fishermen), 1928
1928_24_Fishermen in the Sun, 1928
1928_25_Soft Nude (Nude Watch), circa 1928
1928_26_Fishermen in CadaquNs, 1928
1928_27_Untitled, 1928
1928_28_Shell, 1928
1928_29_The Wounded Bird, 1928
1929_01_Accomodations of Desire, 1929
1929_02_The Enigma of Desire; My Mother, 1929
1929_03_The First Days of Spring, 1929
1929_04_The Great Masturbator, 1929
1929_05_Illumined Pleasures, 1929
1929_06_Imperial Monument to the Child-Woman, 1929
1929_08_The Invisible Man, 1929
1929_09_Lugubrious Game, 1929
1929_10_Portrait of Paul Eluard, 1929
1929_11_Profanation of the Host, 1929
1929_12_Phantasmagoria, 1929
1929_13_Man with Unhealthy Complexion Listening to the Sound of the Sea (The Two Balconies), 1929
1930_01_The Bleeding Roses, 1930
1930_02_The Font, 1930
1930_03_Invisible Sleeping Woman, 1930
1930_04_Vertigo, 1930
1930_05_Invisible Sleeping Woman, 1930
1930_06_Portrait of Mr. Emilio Terry (unfinished), 1930
1930_07_The Average Bureaucrat, 1930
1930_08_The Ghost of the Evening, 1930
1930_09_The Hand, 1930
1930_10_Premature Ossification of a Railway Station, 1930
1930_11_William Tell, 1930
1930_12_The Great Masturbator, 1930
1930_13_Oedipus Complex, 1930
1930_18_Paranoiac Woman-Horse, 1930
1930_25_The Feeling of Becoming, 1930
1930_28_Chocolate, circa 1930
1931_01_Diurnal Illusion; the Shadow of a Grand Piano Approaching, 1931
1931_02_The Dream, 1931
1931_03_Le Spectre et le Fantome, 1931
1931_04_The Old Age of William Tell, 1931
1931_05_Partial Hallucination. Six apparitions of Lenin on a Grand Piano, 1931
1931_06_The Persistence of Memory, 1931
1931_07_Shades of Night Descending, 1931
1931_08_Woman Sleeping in a Landscape, 1931
1931_09_Portrait of Gala, 1931
1931_10_Remorse or Sunken Sphinx, 1931
1931_11_Solitude, 1931
1931_12_Gradiva Finds the Anthropomorphic Ruins, 1931
1931_13_Board of Demented Associations (Fireworks), circa 1931
1931_14_On the Seashore, 1931
1931_15_Vegetable Metamorphosis, 1931
1931_16_Combinations (or The Combined DalHnian Phantasms; Ants, Keys, Nails), 1931
1931_20_Symbiosis of a Head of Seashells, 1931
1931_22_Olive, 1931
1931_23_Untided (William Tell and Gradiva), 1931
1931_25_Gradiva, 1931
1931_26_Untitled, 1931
1931_27_Landscape, 1931
1931_29_Mme. Reese, circa 1931
1931_30_They Were There, 1931
1932_01_Anthropomorphic Bread, 1932
1932_02_The Average Fine and Invisible Harp, 1932
1932_03_The Birth of Liquid Desires, 1932
1932_04_Diurnal Fantasies, 1932
1932_05_Eggs on the Plate Without the Plate, 1932
1932_06_Memory of the Child-Woman, 1932
1932_07_Phosphene of Laporte, 1932
1932_08_Portrait of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles, 1932
1932_09_Surrealist Object Gauge of Instantaneous Memory, 1932
1932_10_Suez, 1932
1932_11_The True Painting of 'The Isle of the Dead' by Arnold Bocklin at the Hour of the Angelus, 1932
1932_12_Agnostic Symbol, 1932
1932_13_Ordinary French Loaf with Two Fried Eggs Riding Without a Plate, 1932
1932_14_The Invisible Man, 1932
1932_15_The Meeting of the Illusion and the Arrested Moment - Fried Eggs Presented in a Spoon, 1932
1932_16_The Veiled Heart, 1932
1932_18_Portrait of Gala, circa 1932-33
1932_19_Eggs on the Plate Without the Plate, 1932
1932_20_The Dream Approaches, 1932-33
1932_23_Anthropomorphic Bread, 1932
1932_28_Nostalgia of the Cannibal, 1932
1932_31_The Knight at the Tower, 1932
1932_32_Untitled - Female Figure with Catalonian Bread, 1932
1932_36_Babaouo - Publicity Announcement for the Publication of the Scenario of the Film, 1932
1932_37_Surrealist Architecture, circa 1932
1932_38_Detail of 'Meditation on The Harp', circa 1932-34
1932_41_The Mysterious Sources of Harmony, 1932-33
1932_42_Automatic Beginning of a Portrait of Gala (unfinished), 1932
1932_43_The Birth of Liquid Fears, 1932
1932_44_Surrealist Essay, 1932
1933_01_Ambivalent Image, 1933
1933_02_Apparition of My Cousin Carolineta on the Beach at Rosas, 1933
1933_03_The Architectural Angelus of Millet, 1933
1933_04_Average Atmospherocepalic Bureaucrat in the Act of Milking a Cranial Harp, 1933
1933_06_The Enigma of William Tell, 1933
1933_07_Gala and the Angelus of Millet Preceding the Imminent Arrival of the Conical Anamorphoses, 1933
1933_08_Geological Destiny, 1933
1933_10_Myself at the Age of Ten When I Was the Grasshopper Child, 1933
1933_11_Necrophilic Fountain Flowing from a Grand Piano, 1933
1933_12_The Phantom Cart, 1933
1933_13_Portrait of Gala with Two Lamb Chops Balanced on Her Shoulder, 1933
1933_14_Soft Watches, 1933
1933_15_Sugar Sphinx (detail), 1933
1933_16_The Triangular Hour, 1933
1933_17_Sugar Sphinx, 1933
1933_22_The Phantom Cart, 1933
1933_28_Untitled - Death Outside the Head-Paul Eluard, circa 1933
1934_01_Atavism at Twilight, circa 1934
1934_02_Atavistic Vestiges After the Rain, 1934
1934_03_Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Grand Piano, 1934
1934_05_Enigmatic Elements in the Landscape, 1934
1934_06_Figure and Drapery in a Landscape, circa 1934
1934_07_Fossil Cloud, 1934
1934_08_The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table, 1934
1934_09_Masochistic Instrument, circa 1934
1934_10_Meditation on the Harp, circa 1934
1934_11_Moment of Transition, 1934
1934_12_Morning Ossification of the Cypress, 1934
1934_13_Paranoiac Astral Image, 1934
1934_14_Persistence of Fair Weather, circa 1934
1934_15_The Signal of Anguish, 1934
1934_16_Skull with Its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Night Table which Should Have the Exact Temperature of a Cardinal's Nest, 1934
1934_17_The Specter of Sex Appeal, 1934
1934_18_The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition, 1934
1934_19_The Javanese Mannequin, 1934
1934_20_Surrealist Poster, 1934
1934_21_The Invisible Harp, 1934
1934_22_Cardinal, 1934
1934_23_The Tower, 1934
1934_25_Hairdresser Depressed by the Persistent Good Weather, 1934
1934_26_The Ship, 1934-35
1934_27_The Knight of Death, 1934
1934_30_Portrait of a Woman, 1934
1934_32_Portrait of Gala with a Lobster (Portrait of Gala with Aeroplane Nose), circa 1934
1934_33_Cannibalism of the Praying Mantis of Lautreamont, 1934
1934_34_Melancholy - to Marcel Remy in Friendship, Salvador DalH, 1934
1934_36_The Spectre of the Angelus, circa 1934
1934_45_The Isle of the Dead - Centre, Section - Reconstructed, Compulsive Image, After Becklin, 1934
1934_46_Night Spectre on the Beach, 1934
1934_48_Ghost of Vermeer Van Delft, circa 1934
1934_49_The Ghost of Vermeer van Delft, circa 1934
1934_51_Figure with Drawers for a Four-part Screen, circa 1934
1934_52_Surrealist Knight for a Four-part Screen, circa 1934
1934_55_Untitled (Desert Landscape), 1934
1934_58_Apparition of My Cousin Carolinetta on the Beach at Rosas, 1934
1934_59_The Sense of Speed, 1934
1934_60_Eclipse and Vegetable Osmosis, 1934
1934_61_The Hour of the Crackled Visage, 1934
1934_62_Untitled (Dreams on the Beach), 1934
1934_63_West Side of the Isle of the Dead - Reconstructed Compulsive Image After Becklin, 1934
1934_64_Aerodynamic Chair, 1934
1934_66_Surrealist Knights for a Four-part Screen, Centre Right, circa 1934
1934_67_Surrealist Warriors for a Four-part Screen, Centre Left, circa 1934
1934_68_Allegory of an American Christmas, 1934
1935_01_The Angelus of Gala, 1935
1935_02_Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's Angelus, 1935
1935_03_Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment, circa 1935
1935_04_Mediumnistic-Paranoiac Image, 1935
1935_05_Paranoiac-Critical Solitude, 1935
1935_06_Puzzle of Autumn, 1935
1935_07_The Horseman of Death, 1935
1935_08_Poster Project, 1935
1935_09_Woman with a Head of Roses, 1935
1935_10_Solitude - Anthropomorphic Echo, 1935
1935_11_Paranonia, 1935-36
1935_13_Exquisite Cadaver, 1935
1935_17_The Surrealist Mystery of New York I, 1935
1935_19_The Echo of the Vold, 1935
1935_20_Landscape After De Chirico (unfinished), 1935
1935_21_Paranoiac Visage - The Postcard Transformed, 1935
1935_22_Paranoiac Visage, 1935
1935_25_Nostalgic Echo, 1935
1936 - Prémonition de la guerre Civile
1936_01_The Anthropomorphic Cabinet, 1936
1936_02_Apparition of the Town of Delft, circa 1936
1936_03_Autumn Cannibalism, 1936
1936_04_A Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds, 1936
1936_06_The Dream places a Hand on a Man's Shoulder, 1936
1936_07_Geological Justice, 1936
1936_08_The Great Paranoiac, 1936
1936_09_'Morphological Echo', circa 1936
1936_10_The Pharmacist of Ampurdan in Search of Absolutely Nothing, 1936
1936_12_Sun Table, 1936
1936_13_Three Young Surrealistic Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra, 1936
1936_15_White Calm, 1936
1936_16_Cover of 'Minotaure' Magazine
1936_17_The Man with the Head of Blue Hortensias
1936_18_Night and Day Clothes,
1936_21_Suburbs of a Paranoiac-Critical Town; Afternoon on the Outskirts of European History
1936_22_Man with His Head Full of Clouds, 1936
1936_23_Morphological Echo, 1936
1936_24_Head of a Woman in the Form of a Battle, 1936
1936_25_Singularities (Singularitats), circa 1936
1936_26_Landscape with Girl Skipping Rope, 1936
1936_27_Ampurdanese Yang and Yin, 1936
1936_28_Woman with Drawers, 1936
1936_29_Decalcomania, 1936
1936_30_The Ants, 1936-37
1936_34_The Forgotten Horizon, 1936
1936_35_The Fossilized Automobile of Cape Creus, 1936
1936_37_Ant Face. Drawing for the Catalogue Jacket of DalH's Exhibition at the Alex Reid and Lefevre Gallery in London, 1936
1936_38_Necrophiliac Springtime, 1936
1936_39_A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano, 1936
1936_40_Surrealist Composition with Invisible Figures (second version of 'Rocks of LlanN'), circa 1936
1936_42_Hypnagogic Monument, 1936
1936_43_South (Noon), 1936
1936_44_Bread on the Head of the Prodigal Son, 1936
1936_50_Geodesic Portrait of Gala, 1936
1936_52_A Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds, 1936
1936_59_The Vertebrate Grotto - Transfer Series, 1936
1937_01_The Burning Giraffe, 1937
1937_02_The Invention of the Monsters, 1937
1937_03_Metamorphosis of Narcissus, circa 1937
1937_04_Palladio's Thalia Corridor, 1937
1937_06_Sleep, 1937
1937_07_Swans Reflecting Elephants, 1937
1937_08_Cannibalism of the Objects, 1937
1937_09_Perspectives, 1937
1937_10_Average Pagan Landscape, 1937
1937_11_Visions of Eternity, circa 1937
1937_15_Knights of Death, 1937
1937_18_Anatomical Studies - Transfer Series, 1937
1937_20_Enchanted Beach (Long, Siphon), 1937
1937_27_Herodias, 1937
1938_01Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, 1938
1938_02_Beach with Telephone, 1938
1938_03-Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces, 1938
1938_04_The Endless Enigma, 1938
1938_05_The Image Disappears, 1938
1938_06_Impressions of Africa, 1938
1938_07_Spain, 1938
1938_08_The Sublime Moment, 1938
1938_09_The Transparent Simulacrum of the Feigned Image, 1938
1938_10_Palladio's Corridor of Dramatic Surprise, 1938
1938_11_Debris of an Automobile Giving Birth to a Blind Horse Biting a Telephone, 1938
1938_12_Imperial Violets, 1938
1938_13_The Warning, 1938
1938_30_Invisible Afghan with the Apparition on the Beach of the Face of Garcia Lorca in the Form of a Fruit Dish with Three Figs, 1938
1938_31_Untitled - Figure (unfinished), 1938-39
1938_33_Untitled, 1938
1939_01_The Enigma of Hitler, circa 1939
1939_02_Mad Tristan, circa 1939
1939_03_Philosopher Illuminated by the Light of the Moon and the Setting Sun, 1939
1939_04_Telephone in a Dish With Three Grilled Sardines at the End of September, 1939
1939_05_Shirley Temple, 1939
1939_06_Freud_s Perverse Polymorph (Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat), 1939
1939_07_Baby Map of the World, 1939
1939_08_Metamorphosis of the Five Allegories of Giovanni Bellini, 1939
1939_10_The Dream of Venus, 1939
1939_11_Bacchanale, 1939
1939_19_Landscape with Telephones on a Plate, 1939
1939_20_The Sphere Attacks the Pyramid. Cover of the Catalogue of the Exhibition at Julien Levy's in New York., 1939
1939_22_Set for 'Bacchanale', circa 1939
1939_23_Psychoanalysis and Morphology Meet, 1939
1939_27_Portrait of Gala (unfinished; detail), 1939
1939_28_Ballerina in a Death's Head, 1939
1939_29_Actress Betty Stockfeld Is Metamorphosed into a Nurse, 1939
1940_01_Daddy Longlegs of the Evening... Hope!, 1940
1940_03_Lady Louis Mountbatten, 1940
1940_04_Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages), 1940
1940_05_Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire, 1940
1940_06_Visage of War, 1940
1940_07_Two Pieces of Bread, Expressing the Sentiment of Love, 1940
1940_11_Allegory of Sunset Air (Allegory of the Everning), 1940-41
1940_12_Group of Women Imitating the Gestures of a Schooner, 1940
1940_13_The Golden Age - Family of Marsupial Centaurs, 1940-41
1940_16_March of Time Comittee - Papillon, circa 1940
1941_01_Honey is Sweeter than Blood, 1941
1941_02_Maquette of the scenery for 'Labyrinth', 1941
1941_03_Ruin with Head of Medusa and Landscape, 1941
1941_04_Soft Self-portrait with Grilled Bacon, 1941
1941_05_Car Clothing (Clothed Automobile), 1941
1941_06_Invisible Bust of Voltaire, 1941
1941_07_Costume for a Nude with a Codfish Tail, 1941
1941_17_Original Sin, 1941
1941_18_Mysterious Mouth Appearing in the Back of My Nurse, 1941
1941_20_Design for the Set of 'Labyrinth', 1941
1941_21_Temple - Sketch for a Set Design, circa 1941
1941_22_The Triumph of Nautilus, 1941
1941_24_Portrait of Mrs. George Tait, II, 1941
1941_25_Set of 'Tristan and Isolde', 1941
1942_01_Juliet's Tomb, 1942
1942_02_Melancholy, 1942
1942_03_Design for the Interior Decoration of a Stable-Library, 1942
1942_05_Decor for 'Romeo et Juliet', 1942
1942_07_Birth of a New World, 1942
1942_09_Saint George and the Dragon, 1942
1942_10_Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 1), 1942
1942_11_Untitled - Design for the Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein, 1942
1942_12_Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 2), 1942
1942_13_Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 3), 1942
1942_14_Nude on the Plain of Rosas, 1942
1942_15_Untitled - Set Design (Figures Cut in Three), 1942
1942_16_Composition (Two Harlequins), 1942
1942_17_Equestrian Parade (possibly Set Design for 'Romeo and Juliet'), 1942
1942_18_The Two on the Cross, 1942
1942_21_Design for the set of 'Romeo and Juliet' (backdrops and wing flats), 1942
1942_22_Design for the set of 'Romeo and Juliet', 1942
1942_23_Study for the set of 'Romeo and Juliet', 1942
1942_24_Romeo and Juliet Memorial, 1942
1942_26_The Flames, They Call, 1942
1942_27_Design for a poster for 'The Secret Life of Salvador DalH', 1942
1942_28_Portrait of Mrs. Luther Greene, 1942
1942_30_Untitled - for the campaign against venereal disease, 1942
1942_31_Portrait of the Marquis De Cuevas, 1942
1942_32_Portrait of Mrs. Ortiz-Linares, 1942
1943_01_Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, 1943
1943_02_The Poetry of America (unfinished), 1943
1943_03_Princess Arthchil Gourielli (Helena Rubinstein), circa 1943
1943_08_Portrait of Mrs. Harrison Williams, circa 1943
1943_09_Portrait of Ambassador Cardenas, 1943
1943_10_The Triumph of Tourbillon, 1943
1943_12_Untitled - New Accessoires, 1943
1943_13_Madonna, 1943
1943_14_Stage Curtain for the Ballet 'Cafe De Chinitas', 1943
1943_15_Painting for the backdrop of 'Cafe De Chinitas', 1943
1944_01_Galarina, 1944-45
1944_02_Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long, circa 1944-45
1944_03_One Second Before Awakening from a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, 1944
1944_04_Tristan and Isolde, 1944
1944_05_Sentimental Colloquy (Study for a Ballet), 1944
1944_06_The Apotheosis of Homer, 1944-45
1944_10_Study for the Backdrop of 'Mad Tristan' (Act II), 1944
1944_13_Study for the set of the ballet 'Tristan Insane' (Act 1), 1944
1944_16_Music - The Red Orchestra - The Seven Arts, 1944
1944_17_Women Metamorphosed - the Seven Arts, 1944
1944_18_Untitled - the Seven Arts, 1944
1944_19_Dance - the Seven Arts, 1944
1944_21_Untitled - the Seven Arts, 1944
1944_23_Paranoia (Surrealist Figures), 1944
1944_25_Untitled - Design for the ball in the dream sequence in 'Spellbound', 1944
1945_01_Basket of Bread, 1945
1945_02_My Wife, Naked, Looking at her own Body, 1945
1945_03_Napoleon's Nose, 1945
1945_04_Portrait of Mrs. Isabel Styler-Tas, 1945
1945_05_Three Apparitions of the Visage of Gala, 1945
1945_06_Melancholy, 1945
1945_07_Fountain of Milk Spreading Itself Uselessly on Three Shoes, 1945
1945_08_Autumn Sonata, 1945
1945_10_Resurrection of the Flesh, circa 1945
1945_11_The Broken Bridge and the Dream, 1945
1945_12_The Eye, 1945
1945_16_Design for the Film 'Spellbound' (1), 1945
1945_17_Design for the Film 'Spellbound' (2), 1945
1945_18_Victory - Woman Metamorphosing into a Boat with Angels, 1945
1945_19_Untitled - Scene with Marine Allegory, 1945
1945_20_Untitled - Portrait of a Woman, 1945
1945_22_Design for the set of the film 'Spellbound', 1945
1945_24_Spellbound, circa 1945
1945_25_Study for the dream sequence in 'Spellbound', circa 1945
1946_01_The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1946
1946_02_Christmas (Noel), 1946
1946_03_Nude in the Desert Landscape, 1946
1946_05_Composition - Portrait of Mrs. Eva Kolsman, 1946
1946_07_Double Image for 'Destino', 1946
1946_09_Desert Trilogy - Flower in the Desert, 1946
1946_10_Desert Trilogy - Apparition of a Couple in the Desert - for 'Desert Flower' perfume, 1946
1946_11_Desert Trilogy - Apparition of a Woman and Suspended Architecture in the Desert - for 'Desert Flower' perfume, 1946
1946_12_The Stain, 1946
1946_13_Untitled (Spanish Dances in a Landscape), 1946
1947_01_Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero, 1947
1947_02_Feather Equilibrium (Interatomic Balance of a Swan's Feather), 1947
1947_03_Portrait of Picasso, 1947
1947_04_The Three Sphinxes of Bikini, 1947
1947_09_Design for 'Destino', 1947
1947_10_Design for 'Destino', 1947
1947_11_Rock and Infuriated Horse Sleeping Under the Sea, 1947
1947_12_Battle Over a Dandelion, 1947
1947_16_Untitled (Temple Frontage with Atomic Explosions), circa 1947
1947_17_Wheat Ear, 1947
1947_21_Jour de la Vierge, 1947
1948_01_The Elephants, 1948
1948_03_Portrait of Mrs. Mary Sigall, 1948
1948_04_Portrait of Nada Pachevich, 1948
1948_05_Untitled (Male Nude in a Landscape), 1948
1948_06_Untitled (Landscape), 1948
1948_07_Study for a Portrait (unfinished), circa 1948
1948_08_Leda Atomica (first unfinished version), 1948
1949_01_Leda Atomica, 1949
1949_02_The Madonna of Port Lligat (first version), 1949
1949_06_Set design for the ballet 'Los Sacos Del Molinero', 1949
1949_07_Set design for the ballet 'Los Sacos Del Molinero', 1949
1949_08_Set design for the ballet 'Los Sacos Del Molinero', 1949
1949_09_Set design for the ballet 'Los Sacos Del Molinero', 1949
1949_10_Set design for the ballet 'Los Sacos Del Molinero', 1949
1949_11_Set design for the ballet 'Los Sacos Del Molinero', 1949
1949_12_Four Armchairs in the Sky, 1949
1949_13_'La Turbie' - Sir James Dunn Seated, 1949
1950_01_DalH at the Age of Six, 1950
1950_02_The Madonna of Port Lligat (second version), 1950
1950_04_Landscape of Port Lligat with Homely Angels and Fisherman, 1950
1950_05_The Madonna of Port Lligat (detail), 1950
1950_06_Landscape of Port Lligat, 1950
1950_09_Study for a Backdrop, circa 1950
1950_11_Backdrop for 'Don Juan Tenorio', 1950
1950_12_DalH's Moustache, 1950
1950_13_Erotic Beach, 1950
1950_22_Design for the death scene in 'Don Juan Tenorio', 1950
1950_23_Mystical Carnation, 1950-51
1950_24_Carnation and Cloth of Gold, 1950
1950_27_Cork (study for 'The Madonna of Port Lligat'), 1950
1951_01_Christ of Saint John of the Cross, 1951
1951_02_Raphaelesque Head Exploding, 1951
1951_05_Landscape with Cavalier and Gala, 1951
1951_07_The Queen of the Butterflies, 1951
1951_11_Celestial Coronation, circa 1951
1951_13_Explosive Madonna, 1951
1951_14_Portrait of Colonel Jack Warner, 1951
1951_15_Portrait of a Child (unfinished), 1951
1951_16_Portrait of Mrs. Jack Warner, 1951
1951_17_Portrait of Katharina Cornell, 1951
1951_21_Study for 'Christ of St. John of the Cross', 1951
1952_01_Asummpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina, 1952
1952_02_The Disintegration of Persistence of Memory, 1952-54
1952_03_Galatea of the Spheres, 1952
1952_04_Eucharistic Still Life, 1952
1952_05_Nuclear Cross, 1952
1952_07_The Angel of Port Lligat, 1952
1952_10_Opposition, 1952
1952_11_Arithmosophic Cross, 1952
1952_12_Madonna in Particles, 1952
1952_19_The Tree, 1952
1952_20_The Angel of Port Lligat, 1952
1954_01_The Colossus of Rhodes, 1954
1954_02_Crucifixion ('Corpus Hypercubus'), 1954
1954_03_DalH Nude, 1954
1954_04_Rhinocerotic Disintegration of Illissus of Phidias, 1954
1954_05_Two Adolescents, 1954
1954_06_Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by Her Own Chastity, 1954
1954_07_Noon (Barracks of Port Lligat), 1954
1954_09_Equestrian Fantasy - Portrait of Lady Dunn, 1954
1954_10_Portrait of Gala with Rhinocerotic Symptoms, 1954
1954_11_Microphysical Madonna, 1954
1954_12_Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion, 1954
1954_13_Gala Contemplating the Corpus Hypercubicus, 1954
1954_14_Crucifixion, 1954
1954_16_Head Bombarded with Grains of Wheat (Particle Head Over the Village of CadaquNs), 1954
1954_17_The Maximum Speed of Raphael's Madonna, 1954
1954_20_GalatNe, 1954
1954_21_The Lighthouse at Alexandria, 1954
1954_22_The Lighthouse at Alexandria, 1954
1954_23_The Walls of Babylon
1954_24_The Pyramids and the Sphynx of Gizeh
1954_26_Statue of Olympic Zeus
1954_27_Portrait of Mrs. Reeves
1954_28_Portrait of Mrs. Ann Woodward
1955_01_The Last Supper
1955_02_Paranoiac-Critical Study of Vermeer_s _Lacemaker
1955_04_Portrait of Laurence Olivier in the Role of Richard III
1955_07_Ascensionist Saint Cecilia,
1955_11_The Lacemaker (copy of the painting by Vermeer Van Delft)
1955_13_Rhinocerotic Figures, 1955
1955_15_Blue Horns. Design for a Scarf, 1955
1955_16_Untitled (The Amazing Adventure of Vermeer's 'Lacemaker'), 1955
1955_17_Rhinocerotic Portrait of Vermeer's 'Lacemaker', 1955
1956_01_Nature Morte Vivante (Living Still Life), 1956
1956_02_Rhinocerotic Gooseflesh, 1956
1956_03_St. Helena of Port Lligat, 1956
1956_04_Saint Surrounded by Three Pi-Mesons, 1956
1956_05_Fancy Costumes, 1956
1956_07_The Skull of Zurbar6n, 1956
1956_08_Assumpta Canaveral, 1956
1956_09_Study for a fruit bowl in 'Still Life - Fast Moving', 1956
1956_11_The Motionless Swallow. Study for 'Still Life - Fast Moving', 1956
1956_12_Wine Glass and Boat, 1956
1956_13_Untitled (Landscape with Butterflies), circa 1956
1956_14_Anti-Protonic Assumption, 1956
1956_15_The Infant Jesus, 1956
1957_01_Santiago El Grande, 1957
1957_04_Rock 'n Roll, 1957
1957_05_Red Orchestra, 1957
1957_06_Untitled (Surrealist Landscape), 1957-58
1957_07_Metamorphosed Women - The Seven Arts, 1957
1957_08_Butterfly Landscape (The Great Masturbator in a Surrealist Landscape with D.N.A.), 1957-58
1957_09_Celestial Ride, 1957
1957_10_The Grand Opera, 1957
1957_11_Sorcery - The Seven Arts, 1957
1957_12_Modern Rhapsody - The Seven Arts, 1957
1957_14_The Duke of Urbino (Portrait of Count Theo Rossi Di Montelera)
1958_01_The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, 1958-59
1958_02_Velazquez Painting the Infanta Margarita with the Lights and Shadows of His Own Glory, 1958
1958_03_The Sistine Madonna, 1958
1958_04_Angel, circa 1958
1958_05_Portraif of Chester Dale and His Dog Coco, 1958
1958_06_Meditative Rose, 1958
1958_07_The Sistine Madonna (detail), 1958
1958_08_Dionysus Spitting the Complete Image of CadaquNs on the Tip of the Tongue of a Three-Storied Gaudinian Woman, 1958-60
1958_10_Portrait of Sir James Dunn, 1958
1958_14_Clown for 'The Amazing Adventure of the Lacemaker and the Rhinoceros', 1958
1958_15_Detail from 'Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment', 1958
1958_16_Metamorphosis of Hitler's Face into a Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment, 1958
1958_17_Landscape Near Port Lligat, 1958
1958_19_Cosmic Madonna, 1958
1958_20_Ascension, 1958
1958_21_Religious Scene in Particles, circa 1958
1958_23_Christ. From 'The Apocalypse of St. John', 1958
1958_26_The Ascension of Christ, 1958
1959_01_The Virgin of Guadalupe, 1959
1959_02_Port Lligat at Sunset, 1959
1959_04_The Vase of Cornflowers, 1959
1959_06_Portrait of Reinaldo Herrera Marquis De Torre Casa, 1959
1959_09_Woman Undressing, 1959
1959_10_Study for 'Woman Undressing', 1959
1960_01_Birth of a Divinity, 1960
1960_02_The Ecumenical Council, 1960
1960_04_Hyperxiological Sky, 1960
1960_06_The Life of Mary Magdalene, 1960
1960_08_The Servant of the Disciples at Emmaus, 1960
1960_09_San Salvador and Antonio Gaudi Fighting for the Crown of the Virgin, 1960
1960_10_Portrait of Juan de Pareja Repairing a String of His Mandolin, 1960
1960_11_A Propos of the 'Treatise on Cubic Form' by Juan de Herrera, 1960
1960_13_Birth of a Goddess, 1960
1960_14_The Cosmic Athlete, 1960
1960_16_Gala Nude From Behind Looking in an Invisible Mirror, 1960
1960_19_Untitled, circa 1960
1960_20_The Trinity (Study for 'The Ecumenical Council'), 1960
1960_21_St. Peter's in Rome (Explosion of Mystical Faith in the Midst of a Cathedral), 1960
1960_22_Portrait of St. Jerome, 1960
1960_23_Beatrice, 1960
1960_24_Two Religious Figures, 1960
1960_25_A Fate of the Parthenon, 1960
1960_26_Madonna, 1960
1960_27_The Maids-in-Waiting (Las Meninas; detail), 1960
1960_28_The Maids-in-Waiting (Las Meninas), 1960
1960_29_Figure In the Shape of a Cloud, circa 1960
1960_30_Female Seated Nude, circa 1960
1960_31_The Ecumenical Council, 1960
1960_32_Cathedral (unfinished), circa 1960
1960_33_Portrait of a Man (They Were There), 1960
1960_34_Portrait of 'Bobo' Rockefeller (unfinished), 1960
1960_35_Portrait of Countess Ghislaine d'Oultremont, 1960
1960_36_Portrait of Mrs. Fagen, 1960
1960_37_Untitled (The Lady of Avignon), circa 1960
1960_38_Arabs. Study for 'The Battle of Tetuan', 1960
1961_01_The Battle of Tetuan, 1961-62
1961_02_Portrait of a Woman - Grey Jacket Wearing a Pearl Necklace, circa 1961
1961_03_Leda's Swan (Leda and the Swan), 1961
1961_04_Study for 'The Battle of Tetuan', 1961
1961_05_Arabs. Study for 'The Battle of Tetuan', 1961
1961_06_Study for 'The Battle of Tetuan', 1961
1961_07_Mohammed's Dream (Homage to Fortuny), 1961
1961_08_The Infanta (Standing Woman), 1961
1962_01_Study of a Female Nude, circa 1962
1962_04_Arab, 1962
1962_05_Vision of Fatima, 1962
1962_06_Macrophotographic Self-Portrait with the Appearance of Gala, 1962
1962_07_Study for 'The Battle of Tetuan', 1962
1962_09_Twist in the Studio of Velazquez, 1962
1962_10_The Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1962
1962_11_St. George and the Dragon, 1962
1962_12_The Alchemist, 1962
1962_13_Portrait of Mr. Fagen, 1962
1962_14_Macrophotographic Self-Portrait with the Appearance of Gala (detail), 1962
1963  Royal Bengal Tiger
1963_01_Portrait of My Dead Brother, 1963
1963_02_Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid, 1963

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